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Solutions for dental implant treatments are similar to those that can be made to natural teeth. These are the following categories:

– Allceramic or PFM (porcelain fused to metal) crowns and bridges

– Hybrid restorations

Hybrid restorations are screw retained on the implants and are used in patients with extensive loss of soft and hard tissues (bone and gum), causing the lips and cheeks to lose their normal support. With this work we can restore harmony to the lips and support the whole lower face.

– Removable restorations

With the help of dental implants we are able to significantly enhance the stability of dentures. So, with a small number of implants (two on the lower and four in the upper jaw) and special attachments (ball attachments, locator, bars) we are able to overcome very easily support problems from which dentures quite often suffer from.


A treatment plan does not include only treatments with implants. The patients’ needs can be perfectly met by a classical prosthetic treatment. Our choices are many:

– Allceramic or PFM (porcelain fused to metal) crowns and bridges

– Veneers

– Inlays, onlays and overlays produced of composite or ceramic material

– Maryland bridges

These are ceramic or metal-porcelain restorations bonded to the adjacent teeth, which are minimally invasive prepared.

– Partial dentures with or without precision attachments.

Precision attachments allow us to offer a partial denture without showing the metal clasps and at the same time they offer increased retention.

– Complete dentures

It is possible to personalize aesthetically teeth and acrylic denture gum; so that no one is able to understand that our patient is wearing a removable total restoration.

– Occlusal Splints


– Gingivitis or Periodontitis treatments

Healthy hard and soft tissue is the most important stage for the long-term success of your treatment plan.

– Plastic periodontal surgery

In collaboration with a periodontist the aesthetic and functional periodontal problems can be solved.

– Endodontic treatment

The endodontic treatments are carried out in collaboration with an Endodontist

– Orthodontic treatment

In some cases an orthodontic movement of teeth or teeth’s roots may be needed. This process is always carried out in collaboration with an orthodontist.

– Teeth Bleaching

Home Bleaching: Bleaching teeth at home using special splints.
Office Bleaching: Teeth bleaching at the clinic.
In just 40 minutes you can get whiter teeth!!!
After having examined thoroughly the teeth and having been assured that there are no cracks on the surface, no fillings to be replaced or new ones to be made, and after protecting the gum, we use mild bleaching agent, which affects only the outer layer of the tooth (enamel).


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